March 2004                                 Mar. 2004 Issue

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  1. Announcement of New CADVANCE International Distributor in the United Kingdom : ASTEC Computing!   

  2. F I T, Inc. Contributes CADVANCE V2000 License to First Baptist Church , Pflugerville , Texas !

  3. Mr. Alan James Wooldridge - Line styles, CADVANCE V6.5 through V2002


Announcement of New CADVANCE International Distributor in United Kingdom

F I T, Inc. thanks Calibre Support Services in the UK for faithfully selling and supporting CADVANCE for many years.  Calibre has made the decision to concentrate on their major product and has thus discontinued selling and supporting CADVANCE.  F I T, Inc. greatly appreciates the consistent efforts of Calibre to be a part of the CADVANCE Distributorship and further CADVANCE sales and support, and to further the widespread use of CADVANCE among Architects, Designers, Engineers, Planners, and other Professionals in the UK .  

We are now pleased to announce that ASTEC Computing, headed by Mr. Alan Spiller, has joined our worldwide team of CADVANCE Distributors, and is committed to carry on the same consistent work and contributions that we enjoyed from Calibre Support Services.  

We have updated the UK Distributor information, adding ASTEC Computing to our Distributors page at:  

Interested parties in the United Kingdom may contact ASTEC Computing and receive information on the latest CADVANCE V2002 and Add-On Applications for use with CADVANCE V2002 and CADVANCE V2002 LiTe.  

Thank you, Mr. Spiller and ASTEC Computing -- we welcome you aboard!  


Takashi Furukawa

F I T, Inc. Contributes License of CADVANCE V2002 to First Baptist Church Pflugerville

Mr. Rick McCown, who is Facilities Coordinator at BAE Systems Facilities Austin, a well-known defense contractor in the Austin area, is a longtime user of CADVANCE for Design and Facilities Management.  His team has been using CADVANCE for several years and is currently using CADVANCE V2002.  Mr. McCown's church, First Baptist Church Pflugerville, TX, recently needed to translate CAD Drawings from other CAD Applications in order to design and build for their church facilities.  Mr. Rick Crislip, Facilities Manager at FBC Pflugerville, is heading the CAD work for their operations.  F I T, Inc., in keeping with  President Takashi Furukawa's philosophy to contribute to society, donated a Full License of CADVANCE V2000 to FBC Pflugerville, so that Mr. Crislip, their church facilities manager, could accomplish his tasks quickly, productively, and cost-effectively!  With CADVANCE V2000, they are much more productive and highly efficient in their operations.  

Please review a letter from First Baptist Church, written by Mr. Rick Crislip, Facilities Manger and Pastor Mike Northen, Church Administration.

We also want to say thank you Mr. McCown, for generously contributing your time and efforts to FBC Pflugerville!  A job well done!

Line styles: Mr. Alan James Wooldridge Explains CADVANCE Line Styles V6.5 through V2002  

Mr. Alan Wooldridge has added a useful USER's Manual for Line styles, for users who want to utilize a variety of linestyles in CADVANCE V6.5 up to V2002.  We have a free version CADVANCE V6.5 on our website which is free to anyone but they must register.  Mr. Wooldridge's article will explain to you how to create custom linestyles and to print them with fine-tuned precision.