AE Tools 2000 Service Pack 1

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AE Tools 2000 SP1 contains the following updates:

  • Updated files for SP1: Aet.dll, AeTools.dll and updated Layer files.

  • AEPlan: Enhanced to use CADVANCE Layer files instead of RFS files for layer control used by reference files. CADVANCE 2000 reference files require that layer files be of the current version of CADVANCE. Layer files will need to be loaded and saved under the current version for proper operation.

  • AESetup: Incorporates changes needed to support AEPlan enhancements.  Updates changes to AEPLan and AEScale immediately.

  • New Cdi function added to CADVANCE, Sub CdiRefRegen( redraw). Forces a regeneration of the currently loaded drawing reference files. Redraw is a flag set to CDI_TRUE if a redraw is desired following the regeneration, or set to CDI_FALSE if no redraw is required.

  • The Cdi function CdiSetReferenceInformation has been enhanced to apply the layer files immediately to the current drawing.

  • Fixed problems related to site licensing in AE Tools.

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