AE Tools V12
The most popular enhancement for CADVANCE will take your CAD production to the next level.  Architects designed the AE Tools interface, so the result is a tool that feels natural and intuitive for any professional architect to use.   When combined with CADVANCE, you have the most complete Architectural system that offers outstanding ease-of-use and power for the architecture industry at an affordable price.

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Key Features:

  • Color-coded, efficient toolbar


  • Over 1,000 architectural symbols


  • Visual access for symbols and more

wpe9.jpg (24369 bytes)


  • Tools for architectural drawing object
  • Management tools for projects
  • Customizable
  • Comprehensive layering strategy
  • Complete architectural system
  • Integrated project management
  • Improved CADVANCE AE Toolbar
  • AE QText draws text as you type
  • AE Snap, floating toolbar
  • 200 new symbols, including 3D
  • Additional layer management tools
  • Additional dimension and leader tools
  • Integrated online help and much more


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