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CADVANCE has never been as aggressively marketed as products like AutoCAD, yet it still maintains a very extensive and loyal international user following that extends back to 1982 when the product was first introduced. It was actually released before AutoCAD in San Jose by a company called P-CAD (it was called CADplan back then) and was subsequently purchased, enhanced and renamed by CalComp as a superior CAD design system . CalComp sold their software system division holdings off (preferring the hardware arena) in 1987, and ISICAD purchased CADVANCE and developed it into the FIRST successful Windows-based CAD application on the market. In 1995, F I T, Inc. purchased the product and the business to improve its functionality and distribution worldwide, as the principals in the company saw its great capacity and user-friendliness.  


The essence of F I T's attitude toward its business is expressed in their motto that the "Customer is King", and F I T would like their role to be as an advisor (not a servant).  As founder Takashi Furukawa explains, business success results from good personal relationships with customers, distributors, dealers, and company staff. Technology deserves (and gets) critical attention but the fact remains that, without positive interaction with good people, advanced technology alone will not assure company success. Thus, human relationships are the overriding consideration at F I T. Lines of communication with distributors, dealers and customers are diligently maintained. Requests for information or product support are encouraged and, in the spirit of fostering personal relationships, are treated with respect and prompt attention. The entire F I T staff is geared to accomplishing these objectives.

Realistically though, in the high technology arena even the best of relationships require the foundation of product excellence to really blossom. Toward that end, F I T maintains comprehensive development and product improvement programs, such as in vertical markets that require an integration of graphics design, database information and report writing.


The main mission of F I T is to provide users with problem solution tools, to help with their productivity, performance, future growth, etc.  It is also an objective to develop "Custom Tailored Solutions", and provide support and services to meet and satisfy users continually growing needs.

Another mission is to contribute to society.  Once a corporation is established, a "social responsibility" is naturally attached to it, and F I T interprets a part of those responsibilities as being to their users and to society.  A few examples of such contributions being: Contributed CADVANCE products to high schools and universities world wide; Contributed CADVANCE products to several charitable organizations; Started a scholarship program in 1997 for high schools and technical colleges; Made CADVANCE 6.5 (an older version) available free by download to everyone; Made CADVANCE 7.2 free to users in Yugoslavia by download.


CADVANCE is basically a distribution business through US domestic dealers and international distributors.  To provide support and help foster growth, F I T has organized and conducted dealer and distributor meetings on a yearly basis, on average.  F I T has also organized and conducted, and participated in dealer and distributor organized Users Group meetings.

Since it's establishment, F I T, Inc. has participated in many industry exhibit shows, such as A/E/C Systems, AIA Expo, Networld+Interop, Facility Forum, and IFMA's WorldWorkplace.  

In order to help maintain good business relations and contacts within the community, F I T Inc. is a proud member of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, Southern California Software Council, and the World Trade Center Association.

Not only in keeping their business edge, F I T, Inc. also belongs to key groups in order to keep up with technical trends.  They are members of Microsoft MSDN, which provides them with the latest Microsoft development tools in several languages (C,  C++, VB, as well Windows updates).  Membership with the Open DWG Alliance facilitates F I T in updating the translator to/from DWG/DXF, and being members of the IBM developer partner program helps F I T keep their technical edge.  

Future business directions for F I T include plans to implement a new division to provide consulting services, custom development, and database implementation.  Other areas of focus will be to offer software products that compliment the CADVANCE product-line which will help dealers and distributors to provide their customers with a wider variety of products.



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