A Facilities Management Program that works with SpaceManagement as an add-on application for CADVANCE.


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AssetManagement can be used to help track and manage furniture, equipment and other key items within your facilities, whether it is a single building or several buildings around the world.  Providing you with an effective and easy means of creating, updating or modifying your project AND providing you with the power to generate customized reports straight from your drawing!

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Features of AssetManagement

  •        Project Create, update and modify your projects with up to 16 information fields

  •       Unlimited number of drawings can be attached to a Project

  •       Place/View/Update Items graphically and with ease.

  •       Group Attributes Provides an easy way to attach Attributes to a group of items with the same information at once.  A great time-saving feature!

  •       Highlights Highlight a group of items with the same information, making them easier to be moved, copied, deleted, attach Group Attributes, etc. at the same time.

  •       Reports Eight report types are included, and are easily customizable to your specific needs.

  •       Import/Export file information to and from your drawing.

  •       Database Check A quick and effortless way to cross check your drawing against the associated database.  


This will simplify the way you create a new project or update the current projects information.  Also back-up or delete the current project, restore a project that was previously backed up, create a new drawing by copying the current one, re-index the databases for the current project, or link the current AssetManagement project to a SpaceManagement project. 

Copy Objects

This function copies databased and non-databased objects. Now you can place a copy of all the objects and their database information at once, a sure way to increase your productivity.


Group Attributes

Attach attributes to a group of selected items with the same information at once, saving time and effort.  This function will work with databased and non-databased items. 


Place / View / Update Items

Easily place and database a symbol, database an existing symbol, or view and update an existing database's symbol.



This function will highlight a group of items with the same information.  All items that match the set fields will highlight and place into the CADVANCE selection set.  From this point, the items may be easily moved, copied, deleted, attach Group Attributes, and so on.



The eight report types included with AssetManagement are: Plan Layer Cost, Costcenter Cost, Plan Layer, Dual Plan Layer, Costcenter/Plan Layer, Floor/Plan Layer, Compare Two Projects and Comparison Report.  Detail, compare and review pertinent information for your specific needs.  Reports can be quickly generated, and are filled with accurate, detailed information which is critical in helping you to expedite important but informed decision-making processes.  


Import / Export of Files

Conveniently create import or export files of item information to or from the current project.   CSV file format and Comma Delimited - ASCII file format is supported for export, and the CSV file format is supported for import.  Key Item Information such as manufacturer, part number, description, date of purchase, cost, current value, plus 10 other user defined fields can now be easily tracked and managed.



Database Check

A simple way to check the drawing against the database.  This function will check for undatabased items in the drawing and databased items not in the drawing.  Posting and Conflict are automatically executed.   


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