A combination of CADVANCE LiTe and AE Tools.  A perfect blend for all your 2D drafting needs. 



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Key Features Include:

  • Unparalleled ease-of use! CADVANCE AE is simply the easiest to use CAD program available

  • Includes complete symbol library and architectural tools

  • Work with multiple drawings at the same time

  • Color-coded, efficient toolbar speeds operations

  • Import and trace scanned images

  • Optimized for Construction Documents

  • Reads and writes .DWG and .DXF files directly

  • Designed by Architects for Architects

Drafting and Editing

  • Single lines and linesets, perpendicular, parallel, and tangent, 2-lines (walls)
  • Rectangles, polygons, and ellipses
  • Splines, contour curves, freehand curves, bezier curves, and cubic curves
  • Circles and arcs by diameter, radius or three-point.
  • ISO/ANSI dimensions and leaders
    True Type fonts and vector style fonts
  • Symbols and groups
  • Move, copy, rotate, scale, and stretch
  • Delete objects, segments, vertices
  • Unlimited undo and redo


  • Color coded, efficient, customizable toolbar
  • Windows compliant user interface
  • Multiple Document Interface allows multiple open drawings and views
  • Easy-to-use tabbed dialogs
  • Drawing and symbol previews
  • Multiple selection modes with floating toolbar
  • 256 user definable layers per file (768 layers per drawing total with two reference files attached)
  • Multiple colors, line styles, and object weights per layer
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Nested commands
  • Snap to vertices, endpoints, midpoints, nearest, arcs, circles, text basepoints, center, perpendicular, tangent, pie angles and objects
  • User defined snap hierarchy allows multiple running snap modes
  • Absolute, relative, polar, absolute, and polar relative coordinate modes- change modes with a single click
  • Access most command options from a single setup screen
  • Online help
  • Architectural features designed by architects.
  • Paper space and design space modes.

Architectural Features

  • Feet, inch, fractional units.
  • Parallel lines for walls.
  • Wall intersection cleanup.
  • Building grids.
  • Special tools for quick architectural dimensions and leaders, including arrow and tick-style dimensions and curved leaders.
  • Architectural symbol library with over 750 symbols.
  • Comprehensive layering strategy conforms to AIA layer guidelines.
  • Automatic ceiling and floor grids.
  • Area calculations with automatic annotation.
  • Feet-inches calculator.

  • Visual tools to place symbols, textures and line textures by picking pictures on the screen.
  • Save and recall different plans.
  • Work with details of different scales on the same sheet.
  • Insert doors into walls with two mouse clicks.


  • Read and write AutoCAD Release 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 DWG and DXF files.
  • OLE 2.0 server and client - embed object from any Windows program in your drawing, or embed your drawing in your word processing documents and spreadsheets.
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) mini-word processor for notes.
  • Windows clipboard support.
  • Import ASCII text files.
  • Works with all Windows compatible printers and plotters.
  • Works on Windows98/ME/XP/2000 and NT.
  • Works on  Windows systems - no special hardware requirements.

Advanced Features

  • Full network support including file-locking, contention, personal configuration and temporary files.
  • E-mail interface to MAPI compliant mail systems
  • Reference files for multi-user editing of same drawing.
  • Full support of hybrid raster/vector drawings- imports 20 different raster formats, including BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA, PCX, JPG, etc.
  • Save/restore multiple, named layer configurations, dimensions settings, color setups, digitizer templates, and more.

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