For your less complex CAD requirements, CADVANCE LiTe  maximizes your potential speed and power.  Combining all the sophisticated features of CAD together with the ease and flexibility of Windows.

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Windows Productivity Features:

Drafting and Editing


  • Single lines and linesets, rectangles, arcs, circles, and bitmaps

  • Polygons, ellipses, splines, unlimited length     contour curves, and points

  • Object alignment

  • 4 types of nodes (the size is consistent regardless of changing drawing scales)

  • TrueType mini-word processor and vector text with adjustable parameters

  • 256 colors

  • 255 layers with user-defined selection and visibility

  • 32767 kinds accessible through CDI

  • Industry-standard layering

  • View/Define Layer: Name, Active, Visible, Selectable, Color, Line Style, Line Weight, Locked and Data in the layer configuration

  • Window selection – Inclusive and Exclusive

  • Rectangular and circular arrays

  • Stretch objects (including rooms)

  • Copy, rotate, delete, and scale

  • Mirror, trim, extend, and break

  • Hatching

  • Line weight on screen

  • 16 line styles

  • Auto Snap to Grid, Vertex, Intersection, Midpoint, Center, Pie Angle, Node, Line, Arc, Circle, Object, Text, Endpoint, Tangent, Perpendicular

  • Customizable Auto Snap.  Object type(s) for auto snap is selectable.

  • Dynamic Pan and Zoom

  • Drawing preview

  • Symbol preview

  • Unlimited Undo and Redo

  • Multiple object selection modes

  • Property selection filter

  • Edit Find

  • Area Fill

  • Spell check

  • Key input command

  • Right mouse button to shortcut menu

  • Movable, dockable and user configurable menu bar and tool bar

  • Unlimited number of menu bars and tool bars

  • Toolbar and Status bar Tooltips

  • Reference file with bit map data.   Image data must be an embedded bit map.

  • Ortho Move – Move, Copy and Move Vertex functions operate in accordance to the specified “line angle”. 


  • Query Object - Show the type of OLE2 Auxiliary object.

  • Euro symbol (€) added to all fonts

  • Isometric Line - Draws line segments with fixed angles that create an Isometric Layout.  The angles are 30,90,150,210,270, & 330

  • New search - searches objects by many filters.  It finds objects within groups or symbols by layer, kind and object types.

  • Edit Symbol/Group - edits objects within symbol or group.  It allows you to edit objects within a symbol or group, and reflects the changes to other instances of the same symbol in the drawing.

  • Key map - jumps to a specified drawing. 

  • All "Utility / Query" queries (except Query/Object) have been given dialogs that offer text that can be copied to the clipboard.  These text items are numeric type values.

  • Dimension setup has been divided into several sections for easier understanding and operation, and allows easier settings according to your needs.

  • Text attributes has been enhanced to manage multiple entries with one dialog box rather than many dialog boxes popping up per entry.  

  • Multiple object selection by “window with a right mouse button”.  A pop-up menu will be displayed for editing.

  • Multi-line CAD Text editing. 

  • DWG symbol to CADVANCE symbol translator

  • Set default properties - when an object is selected, the drawing properties are set to the object.

  • Utility/Query/Size shows a diameter for circle and arc.

  • Draw/Fillet and Draw/Chamfer inherit properties of the first object selected.

  • New CADVANCE Texture Symbols



Application Specific

  • Feet, inches, metric, and other units.
  • Cartesian and polar coordinate input.
  • Parallel lines for walls.
  • Automatic intersection clean-up
  • Automatic symbol insertion into walls or lines.
  • Architectural building grids.
  • Parallel offsets for lines and arcs.
  • ANSI/ISO dimensioning.
  • Chamfers, fillets, tangents, and perpendiculars.
  • Distances, sizes, areas, and volumes.
  • Symbol scaling and rotation.

Windows Features

  • Windows compliant user interface.
  • Full two-way support for Clipboard, DDE, and OLE.
  • Place spreadsheets, graphics, audio clips, and other documents into drawings and instantly update them with a click of a mouse, with Microsoft Windows Object Linking Embedding (OLE).
  • Create dynamic two-way DDE "hot links" with Microsoft Excel.
  • Work in several views of a single drawing or several different drawings at once.
  • Programmable Windows toolbar.
  • Create compound documents.
  • Client and server for OLE.
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) support.
  • Integrate raster and scanned images such as clip art, logos, blueprints and photographs.
  • MouseWheel Zoom and Middle Button Pan, View Fit


  • Drawing auto-save.
  • HPGL PLT file input.
  • Mosaic plotting.
  • Line weight plotting.
  • Export to .DWF
  • Reads and writes .DWG and .DXF files. (to R15)
  • Integrated E-mail support has been incorporated for use with mail systems that support the MAPI standard (such as Windows for Workgroups).
  • Input, rotate, scale raster images (Support for over 20 raster images;RLC, TIFF, PCX, BMP,etc.).
  • Plot logging – facilitates management of plotting
  • CAD text plotting with line weight
  • Input from mouse or digitizer.
  • Supports any Windows compatible printer/plotter.


  • Macro run
  • Macro key.
  • Dynamically load Menus and Toolbars
  • Customizable toolbar.

(Programming is only available in the full version of CADVANCE)

Reference File Management

  • Reference File Window
  • Automatic Reference File translation to DWG/DXF format
  • DWG/DXF as well as VWF files supported as Reference Files
  • Snap-to objects on reference files.
  • Snap-to intersection of lines on two different reference files.
  • Support of Reference Files containing bitmap images
  • Unlimited number of Reference Files
  • Reference Layer File
  • View-only reference files
  • Supports 255 layers.
  • Reference file placement and rotation.
  • Reference file Load/Save Setup information


Information Management

  • Symbol text attributes
  • Drawing management information access.

Drawing Management

Every drawing file includes:

  • Filename, date/time originally created, date/time of last update, original creator name, elapsed time spent on drawing, project/account name, name of person who updated it last, editing time spent on current session.


  • Automatic file locking.
  • Record locking.
  • File contention prevention.
  • Reference files.
  • Built-insecurity functions, including drawing passwords.
  • Default and user-definable configuration files.
  • (Optional) Site License Manager - helps manage your workgroup CAD operations

System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium-compatible PC

  • 64MB memory minimum; 128MB recommended

  • Minimum 100MB free hard disk space

  • Graphics board and monitor supported by Microsoft Windows-SVGA or better recommended

  • Mouse or digitizer supported by Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, NT 4.0

  • (Optional) Printer or plotter supported by Microsoft Windows



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