CV Viewers
Three full version viewers which work with native CADVANCE drawing files and associated files (reference files, images and fonts).  Useful tools for those who need to be able to view and print CADVANCE drawings, and with the MarkUp version you also have redlining capabilities (no part of the loaded drawing can be changed in either version).  Capable of viewing all Windows versions of CADVANCE, Full or LiTe.  Please note: MarkUp versions capable of saving only to CADVANCE file format.


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  • CV View

    • Open / Close a drawing file

    • Setup the printer

    • Print the file

    • Redraw the view

    • View Fit

    • Zoom In or Out, by Window or Dynamically

    • Pan Short and Far, or Dynamically

    • Change the active layer

    • Turn all layers On

    • Turn all layers, except the active layer, Off

    • Turn a single layer On or Off

    • Switch between 2D and 3D

  • CV MarkUp

    • Draw Lines, Rectangles, Circles, Arcs, Text, Clouds, and Leaders

    • Erase entities added to the drawing 

    • Status bar can be used to change the active Color, Line Style, and Line Weight

    • Save the drawing file to a new name if something has been added (drawings can only be saved in version 2000 file format)

  • CV MarkUp +
    • All the feature of the MarkUp version, but also includes a DWG/DXF translator

For view-only requirements, download the Free CV View

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