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F I T, Inc. releases Lease version of CADVANCE 2000 to better accommodate users' varying business needs.


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Anaheim CA, Aug. 1, 2000:  F I T, Inc. has announced the release of their new lease program now available for CADVANCE 2000.  In response to today's companies changing requirements, the new lease program will allow companies to have greater financial flexibility, to grow when they need to at a rate that is cost-effective to them.  "Having been in business now for over 5 years, we understand that at times a company's shifting needs must be met," says Takashi Furukawa, president of F I T, Inc.  "With rapid expansion, uncontrollable cut-backs, and other variables that come into play in today's business environment, alternative options and solutions are needed. We feel that the lease program can help fulfill some of these needs."  

Key Features:

Utilizing the lease program instead of purchasing additional licenses proves to be a more feasible, advantageous solution for many businesses in certain situations.  A few instances in which the lease version is the economically intelligent choice:

  • Hiring temporary employees to complete a particular project

  • Busy times of year when heavy workloads require the hiring of extra temporary help

  • Hiring summer Interns and not knowing if the extra licenses will be needed later

  • Sudden company expansion and not certain of the number of licenses needed to acquire

  • Option to buy-out at the end of the agreement - Have comfort in knowing the money invested can be applied to the full license if needed.

Pricing and Availability:

Ready for immediate delivery, the CADVANCE Lease Program's suggested retail price varies depending upon total number of copies and length of time of Lease.  Agreements are available in convenient 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month increments with an option to buy-out at the end of the agreement.  Significantly discounted prices available for multiple quantities.  Now available from a variety of retailers and network dealers as well as directly from F I T, Inc. at 721 North Euclid Street, Suite 303, Anaheim, CA  92801-4135.  Phone is (714) 956-3171 or (800) 931-3171; Fax is (714) 956-3170.  E-mail is and home page web site is  


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