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Anaheim CA, August 1998:  F I T, Inc. has contributed a special version of CADVANCE and AE Tools 98 to the Legacy 1999 Project. Legacy is a charity and volunteer project sponsored by the Dallas AIA and its charitable branch, the Dallas Architectural Foundation. Projects are determined by architects for architects and architectural related services and businesses.

The Legacy Project for 1999 will be a design and feasibility project for a new concept in health care. Dr. Anderson of Parkland Hospital and its charitable branch, the Parkland Foundation, has proposed the idea. His concept is to design a facility run as a charitable institution that will function as an educational center for people with long term chronic diseases and their families. The center will provide a place for families to learn how to live with terminal or chronic diseases. Dr. Anderson’s idea was born out of the need to provide patients and patients’ families a place for consultation outside of the crowded use of county emergency room facilities. There is an enormous need to separate consultation and education from the emergency medical care that is usually associated with emergency room procedures. Currently, Parkland Hospital provides medical care for all that enter the emergency room, whether it is a trauma emergency or a question about a medical condition. According to Dr. Anderson, the amount of non-emergency care and consultation being given has reached such a high level that it is stressing the hospital resources for care.

The building that will house the facility is the original Parkland Hospital, which was constructed in 1917. To view drawings of the building dating back to 1912 and to get more information, please visit their web site at

Also, donated or purchased hardware will be located at the AIA office. When not in use during the Legacy Project, and after the Project is completed, they will be used for educational programs sponsored by the ‘AIA for High School Kids’ and will also be used by architect user groups.

For more information or for a list of current supporters, donators, participating architectural companies, and requirements needed to complete this project, please e-mail Frank Pollacia, AIA, Computer Technology Chairman at or Walter Kilroy, AIA, Legacy ‘99 Committee Chairman @

In addition to making contributions to charitable organizations, F I T has also contributed CADVANCE to educational institutions around the world. Such institutions include schools in Sutton, UK; Brugge, Belgium; and VBU (Belgium University) Engineering Department. AE Tools 98 was donated to a technical college in the U.S. for use with CADVANCE in their CAD classes. F I T currently delivers Version 6.5 free to educational institutions and college students. Furthermore, scholarships have been awarded this year to three outstanding students from a high school in the U.S. that uses CADVANCE in its CAD classes.


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