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F I T, Inc. releases two new add-on applications for Facilities Management: SpaceManagement and AssetManagement


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Anaheim, CA - May 19, 2000 - F I T, Inc. announced today the upcoming release of two new facilities management add-on applications for CADVANCE.  Having successfully developed and distributed CADVANCE worldwide, F I T, Inc. is expanding its product line in the vertical market and is striving to provide total-solutions to its wide range of users.  SpaceManagement and AssetManagement offers an easy yet powerful way to manage facilities by linking graphic information to entities and also providing extensive query and customized reporting functions.

"Our company's vision is to provide complete solutions for facilities management, and these two add-on applications are the first steps toward meeting those needs", said Takashi Furukawa, president of F I T, Inc.  

Key Features of SpaceManagement:
  •      Project Easy to create and use by utilizing your CADVANCE drawings.  Attach user-defined Database information from which customized reports are created.

  •       Area Size (Total Project Area) Easy to calculate and important in determining cost, billing, costcenter, etc.

  •       Texture Series of four Hatch Patterns in a wide variety of colors and placed by four different space filters.  Helpful in identifying usage at a glance.

  •       Open and work with Multiple Drawings Simultaneously

  •       Database Simply select a project list and SpaceManagement will fill in Databases and User Definable Fields.

  •       Import/Export a file of spaces, tenant or usage information.  This feature will help reduce tedious and redundant data entry.

  •       Reports Eight types are included and are easy to customize to your needs.

SpaceManagement is a Facilities Management add-on application for CADVANCE.  By utilizing CADVANCE drawings, it can help to effectively manage a single building, building complex, or several buildings around the world.


Key Features of AssetManagement:
  •       Create, update and modify your projects with user definable information fields.

  •       Place/View/Update items graphically and with ease.

  •       Group Attributes Provides an easy way to attach Attributes to a group of items with the same information at once.

  •       Highlights Highlight a group of items with the same information, making them easier to be moved, copied, deleted, attach Group Attributes, etc.  An easy time saving feature!

  •       Reports Eight report types included, and are easily customizable to your specific needs.

  •       Import/Export file of item information of drawings and database.

AssetManagement is another Facilities Management Program that works with SpaceManagement as an add-on application to CADVANCE.  Users will be able to track and manage furniture, equipment and other key components within the facilities.    


Pricing and Availability:

Targeting for delivery this fall, SpaceManagement and AssetManagement will be available from a variety of re-sellers and network dealers as well as directly from F I T.  They may be purchased individually or as a complete system including CADVANCE LiTe.  Regular retail price is $495 each, or SpaceManagement with CADVANCE LiTe for $990,  or all three (SpaceManagement, AssetManagement and CADVANCE LiTe) for $1485.  Discounted prices are available for multiple quantities. 

Contact F I T, Inc. at 780 N. Euclid St. Suite 206, Anaheim CA  92801.  Phone is (714) 956-3171 and Fax is (714) 956-3170.  E-mail is and web site is 


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