A Facilities Management Application with CADVANCE


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Looking for a software solutions system to bring your organization up-to-date with complete infrastructure management, but don't have months to learn, plus more months to implement it?  With SpaceManagement combined with CADVANCE, you now have the power you need and the ease-of-use joined together for quicker implementation.  Effectively manage a single building, building complex, or several buildings around the world, and be more productive doing it.

With this solutions system, you will be able to integrate your drawings and databases in a single place, open and use many drawings simultaneously, attach and have quick access to key information for each space, and include multiple categories of database information.  More importantly, you can easily create customized Reports with accurate, up-to-date information for your Facilities Management projects!

Features of SpaceManagement:

  • Easy to Create and Use Projects, and integrate your drawings which gives  you easy access to  valuable graphical details and information.  Attach your own defined Database information from which customized reports are created.  Place, View and Update items graphically for increased efficiency and production.

  • Easy  calculation of Area Size, which is essential in determining cost, billing, costcenter, etc.
  • Texture  - Use a series of four Hatch Patterns in a variety of Colors and place by four different space filters: Tenant/Usage, Costcenter, Billing, and Space Area.  A necessity in quickly identifying usage at a glance.
  • Open and work with Multiple Drawings Simultaneously.
  • Database - Simply select a project list, and SpaceManagement will fill in the Databases and the User Definable Fields.
  • Import/Export files of spaces, tenants or usage information. The CSV file format is supported for Import, and Export files support CSV or comma delimited ASCII. 
  • Reports - Eight types included with SpaceManagement.  Summary Report, Listed Summary Report, Billing, Costcenter, Floor, Costcenter/Floor, Floor/Costcenter and Space.  Easily customizable to your specific needs.
  •  Database Check A function that will check the drawing against the database for roomtags in the drawing that are undatabased, or for databased spaces not in the drawing.


SpaceManagement is a Project-based program, capable of using an unlimited number of drawings in any particular project.  When creating a new project you can define many areas to suit your requirements, such as the Drawing name, Floor/Area for the drawing (important when creating reports), up to 14 customized fields (five for tenants and five for usage), and the Cut-Off price (used to help identify if a price is per square foot, or a set price).  


Planning Layer

SpaceManagement simplifies the way to create, copy or modify a planning layer, which includes these four categories: Total Area, Departments, Personnel and Rooms.  From the planning layer Add/Update/View, you can change roomtags, add room numbers and other information to the Usage list.  For example, if you add hallway spaces and place your roomtag symbol from the Usage list, SpaceManagement will transfer all cost information from the Department planning layer. 

SpaceManagement works together with CADVANCE to also help you add drawings to your project and create planning layers for additional floors.  


Add Textures to a Plan

Using textures defined by four different space filters (Tenant/Usage, Costcenter, Billing, and Space Area) will help in identifying usage, area, billing information, etc. at a glance.  Choose from a combination of 4 different textures and 15 colors.  And you can combine your filters for more precise texturing!


Create and View Reports

Eight reports are supplied with SpaceManagement.  Reports may be based on a single space, single project or on several projects, and may be limited to a single planning layer, costcenter and/or floor.  Reports are a crucial element of facilities management, and SpaceManagement works nicely to help you create professional customized reports with ease. 


Please note: SpaceManagement and AssetManagement provides you with basic functionality but can also be further tailored for your specific custom needs.  Contact us for further details at  To request a free demo CD, click here.  Find out more about AssetManagement for your Facility Management needs!


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