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         SpaceManagement is a Facilities Management add-on application for CADVANCE. Effectively manage a single building, building complex, or several buildings around the world. SpaceManagement and AssetManagement offers an easy yet powerful way to manage facilities by linking graphic information to entities and also providing extensive query and customized reporting functions.

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         AssetManagement is another Facilities Management Program that works with SpaceManagement as an add-on application to CADVANCE. Users will be able to track and manage furniture, equipment and other key components within the facilities.

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Connect I.T.

  • Network, communication and facility management application that utilizes CADVANCE as the graphics engine, Microsoft Access as the database engine.  Manages and controls all physical aspects of the network system, containing device, cable, port, and connectivity information.  Experience higher performance due to accurate site/location information including the devices involved, less costs by preventing unnecessary purchases of devices and equipment, and better control and management in the work plan.  

Free Demo CD available!

CFM 2100

         CFM2100 contains "physical" information on the network system for LAN and WAN. Its graphics and database are used to quickly layout, analyze and document the network environment.  

The fact that CFM2100 uses CADVANCE is what makes it outstanding compared to other network design and management software products
. You can design and organize the entire infrastructure of your building visually from a general overview, to the smallest detail.  FM functions can provide Asset Management, and Space Management.   Graphics and Databases are all updated in real-time as you make changes. 

CFM2100 provides design and documentation of all communications assets.  With a mouse click you can view the entire infrastructure and all of its parts, down to the last cable. 

CFM2100 assists in raising efficiency by tracking changes and finding problems faster.  Failed devices and circuits and be traced quickly, allowing the network to be recovered faster.


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